Monday, October 21, 2013

Peter Tamba's "MEATWGN"

Peter's Mk6 Jetta Wagon

Redlands, California. This city was known as "The City of Millionaires" in the 1900s, but is now known as "The City of Beautiful Homes." The scenery is beautiful and creates a small town feel, even though it's a big city. Redlands was the "Washington Navel Orange Growing Capital of the World" for most of it's history. So what brings us to the outer edges of southern California? Gagah aka Peter Tamba's MK6 Jetta Sportwagen.


Peter picked up this turbo-diesel 2012 Jetta Sportwagen brand new from Riverside Volkswagen back in November 2011. It's the first car he's bought on his own since starting his career as a registered nurse.


He initially purchased H&R ultralows with Miro LM reps, but recently ditched this setup for some beautiful staggered AMG monoblocks for dirt cheap. They measure 18x8 ET 29 up front and 18x9 ET 31 in the rear. They are all wrapped in 215/40 tires.


This past spring he got tired of the static life and upgraded to Accuair E-Level management with Airlift bags. The install and C-notch was all done through Andrew at Open Road Tuning, Rezie and the Go brothers in Ontario.


The 2.0 TDI remains stock since it's his daily driver. Peter has driven it more the 40,000 miles already and receives great mileage from it. The exterior is kept relatively stock, but the molded Votex lip continues the clean, stock-looking body. Peter enjoys the OEM+ style from the Sportwagen and loves the looks he gets from older people driving the same wagon.

Peter's Mk6 Jetta Wagon

We were surprised when he introduced us to his other car; a 1971 Volkswagen bay window bus/type 2. This used to be his daily driver, but is now a weekend warrior. The type 2 presented us with an opportunity for a double shoot, something we haven't done. The rusted type 2 always brings a smile to his face and he never plans to sell it. Peter gets to enjoy both the air-cooled and water-cooled Volkswagen communities.


The Honda scene is huge in the area due to popular street racing. There isn't many VW/Audi enthusiasts around and it's difficult to find clean examples. With that said, it's even more difficult to find owners who are as humble as Peter.


We had a great shoot with Peter and he was open to any ideas we threw at him. We even tried to get a photo shoot inside of Hangar 24, the local brewery. Shoots like this remind of the reason why we do this. We enjoyed the day and will be looking forward to big things from Peter and his "MEATWGN."


Peter's Mk6 Jetta Wagon

Peter's Mk6 Jetta Wagon

Peter's Mk6 Jetta Wagon

Peter's Mk6 Jetta Wagon

Peter's Mk6 Jetta Wagon


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