Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Supporting the Scene: Carlos Sanchez's Bagged MKVI GTI


Southern California is a huge center for the import scene, but when is come to the Volkswagen/Audi scene, there's not much going on. There's just not as many Volkswagen/Audi enthusiasts as there are any other enthusiasts. Maybe this is why there are few Euro shows in southern California. Oktoberfest was cancelled for this year, leaving only Big SocalEuro, Fastivus, Dubfest and Wuste (which is in Las Vegas).


While these shows are fun, they are not as big as other east coast shows like Southern Worthersee or H20. There's not many clean Vw/Audi cars lurking the streets of Southern California and supporting the few shows we have. With that being said, we happened to notice this clean, slammed MKVI GTI roaming the streets of southern California.


This bagged GTI belongs to Carlos Sanchez. We first noticed this MKVI back at Oktoberfest 2012 aired out on BBS wheels and we approached him about a photo shoot. A few rescheduling issues and 7 months later, we finally got the chance to feature this clean Volkswagen.


This story begins in February 2011 when he purchased this 2011 Volkswagen GTI. Having previously owned Mini's, he wanted a nice, economical and compact hatchback to suit his lifestyle. His other options included a STI hatch.He realized he didn't need AWD, more power or the 10K more price tag and drove home in brand new GTI. His initial intentions were simple; he wanted a "daily commuter with a little pep." Most can relate to this, but as we all know, this didn't last long.


His goal was to create a low, clean and OEM+ GTI and air ride provided the right recipe. Instead of risking damage to his fenders, he purchased a set of Air Lift from Fifteen52 to help him get the right stance. He decided to place 18x9/18x10 HRE Vintage 501 wheels under the arches of the GTI. Clear side markers, a rear wiper delete and LED rear Euro tail lights helped achieve a cleaner look.


There is still a great number of things Carlos would like to do to his GTI like shaving the rear and front emblems, sidemarkers, and license plate holes. He also wants to create a nice setup for his air system. He threw around ideas like Mexican tile, a nice rug and copper hard-lines. Whatever he chooses to do, we know that he will keep it simple and classy.


While Carlos has great goals and ambitions for his car, he's a friendly, calm guy that loves the Volkswagen scene and shows great support for it. We had a great day talking about cars, the Euro scene and sharing ideas. It's always great to get chance to catch up with him at the few Euro shows/meets in southern California and it's rejuvenating to find fellow car enthusiast who shares the same passion.


If you haven't had a chance to meet Carlos or his GTI, chances are you will find him at Fastivus, Wuste, Dubfest and Big SocalEuro supporting the Euro scene like always.He would like to give some shout outs to, "Fifteen52 for the air setup, Lon at HRE, Marlon Winick for the bulletproof air install and Ecoshine since he hasn't washed the car since September."

Carlos MKVI 005

Carlos MKVI 004

Carlos MKVI 001

APR Stage 1 ECU flash
Custom Magnaflow Exhaust

Rear Wiper Delete
LED Rear Euro Tail Lights
Clear Side-markers

Air Lift Auto Pilot V1
w Slammed Bags

HRE Vintage 501 w Satin White Centers
Fronts: 18x9 Rears: 18x10 w
215/40 Tires all around

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