Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coverage: Huge Socal Audi Enthusiast Event 5/4/13

QuattrodeMayo 028

This past Saturday morning was the Huge Socal Audi Enthusiast event presented by the S. Cal Chapter of the Audi Club North America and title sponsored by Keyes Audi of Van Nuys. My morning started at 530am in Riverside. I later met up with a B8 S4 in upland and a B5 in Pasadena. It was quite a drive but it was a fun drive. The meet started at 8am at the Nethercutt Automobile Museum in Sylmar, an hour before the museum tour. There was a variety of Audi makes and models ranging from TTs, RS5, A4s and even a R8.

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Free pastries and coffee was provided for those who arrived in the morning. There was also a vender selling Motul oil and giving out free posters, stickers etc. This was a day event consisting of a meet, automotive museum tour, cruise and lunch. Sadly, I did not partake in all of the events and could not stay longer since I had to go to work. Here are the photos from the morning meet.

QuattrodeMayo 031

QuattrodeMayo 027

QuattrodeMayo 026

QuattrodeMayo 025

QuattrodeMayo 024

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Ill end the coverage with some closer shots of this stunning bagged B8.5 S4
QuattrodeMayo 037

QuattrodeMayo 036

QuattrodeMayo 035

QuattrodeMayo 034

QuattrodeMayo 033

QuattrodeMayo 029

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