Sunday, April 28, 2013

OEM all day!!

A3333 009

We have all heard the phrase "less is more" used towards modifying cars and the word "oemplus" as a way to describe a simple style. OEM+ is mildly modifying a car with parts from the manufacturer. Its a way to upgrading your car with higher end OEM parts. Many add Golf R bumpers to their golfs or add RS parts to their non-RS models. Others upgrade their Volkswagen brakes with genuine Porsche brakes for better performance. Its a way to create a style that should have or could have been a factory set up.

A3333 008

This creates a simple look that does not attract too much attention and only enthusiasts may know the difference. It's a style that I have loved and been attracted to. In fact, the OEM+ style has been a huge hit in the Volkswagen/Audi scene and has been growing everywhere. Parts may be more expensive but perfect fitment is guaranteed since they are from the original manufacturer.

A3333 007

I have been a bit obsessed lately with this look and have been going back towards a more stock look. I recently took off all my tint from my A3 to give it a simpler look. I switched back to my stock headlights after fitting on some aftermarket LED headlights. I also upgraded to OEM facelifted Audi A3 tailights and currently have OEM Votex front lip, side skirts, rear valence and roof spoiler. What I would really like to do is add the S3 body kit but that is an expensive road to take.

A3333 006

I usually don't take too many pictures of my car, but I had to take some quick shots after I got lost. I was on my way from work when I hit some unexpected traffic. I decided to exit and took a wrong turn. I ended up by some railroad tracks and found a cool backdrop. I was lucky I had my camera ready in my car and decided to take some shots while still in my In-N-Out whites.

A3333 005

Hopefully we can get a shoot together with some of simply low. simply low is the club which I belong to where we strive to have simple, low, and clean cars. I guess you can say that we strive for an OEM+ look.

A3333 004

A3333 003

A3333 002

We haven't posted much on the blog lately since we have been busy but hopefully with can bring you guys more stuff. I've also used this as an opportunity to give an update on my car and act like a build thread etc.

Votex Front Lip
Votex Side Skirts
Votex Roof Spoiler
Votex Rear Valence
Rear Wiper Delete
Painted Side Markers
OEM Roof Rack
OEM LED Tail Lights from Face-Lifter Audi A3
De-badged Rear
FK Black Front Grill

Ksport Front Coilovers
JOM Rear Coilovers
Neuspeed 25mm Rear Sway Bar
BSH Billet Endlinks

3SDM .05 Monoblock Wheels
18x8.5 front and 18x9.5 rear
215/35 front 225/40 rear

CX Racing Front Mount Intercooler
BSH Oil Catch Can
VF Engineering Cold Air Intake
Forge Blow Off Valve w/ Spacer
Simply Low Sticker +50HP
Custom Magnaflow Exhaust 2.5" Piping

AUX adapter

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