Monday, November 26, 2012

Coverage: Big SocalEuro G2G 2012

SocalEuro2012 054

"Chance of rain," claimed the weather forecast. That didn't stop the hundreds of European car enthusiasts from driving to Qualcomm stadium for the annual Big SocalEuro G2G. A little rain wouldn't stop any of them from taking over the parking lot. Fortunately, not one drop of rain fell in the showgrounds.Cars ranged from BMW, Audi, Volvo, Saab, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, exotics and even a few non Euro.


It was a great time to see what southern California had to offer and to see some rare European rides. It took place on Saturday, November 17th, which was unusual from the typical summer dates. We thought November was a better time since it was better than the blazing sun of July. While we did roll in a bit late (12pm), we did manage to take some shots. It was a great time to hang out with friends and enjoy some European machinery. Looking forward to next year.





SocalEuro2012 069

SocalEuro2012 067

SocalEuro2012 066

SocalEuro2012 065

SocalEuro2012 063

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SocalEuro2012 061

SocalEuro2012 060

SocalEuro2012 059

SocalEuro2012 057

SocalEuro2012 052

SocalEuro2012 050

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SocalEuro2012 048

SocalEuro2012 046

SocalEuro2012 045

SocalEuro2012 043

SocalEuro2012 041

SocalEuro2012 040

SocalEuro2012 039

SocalEuro2012 038

SocalEuro2012 037

SocalEuro2012 036

SocalEuro2012 034

SocalEuro2012 030

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SocalEuro2012 011

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SocalEuro2012 015

SocalEuro2012 028

SocalEuro2012 027

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SocalEuro2012 023

SocalEuro2012 021

SocalEuro2012 019

SocalEuro2012 018

SocalEuro2012 017

SocalEuro2012 016

SocalEuro2012 005

SocalEuro2012 007

SocalEuro2012 003 The night before

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