Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Fun// Jaremy's E30

Jaremy's E30 001

A new addition to the simply low family was added recently by Jaremy Cheetwood. Jaremy picked up this E30 near Los Angeles for a mere 500 bucks. While it needs some work, it's a gem in Jaremy's eyes. He already has plans for it and knowing him, it wont take long until you see this E30 hitting the meets and shows of southern California. Right after he bought it, he rolled down to my pad to do some much needed maintenance work.Oil change, brake fluid and more was done to get this E30 running a bit smoother.
                                Jaremy's E30 004

He's owned an E30 before and is no stranger to the platform. So why did he get another E30? Maybe since its one of the best BMWs built, or maybe because he digs the old style the 3 series brings. Maybe another reason? It might have to do with Jaremy's current car, a Mini Cooper S. After slamming his car to the ground, he seems to have a problem with the tarmac: they keep breaking his axles! So after 16 or 17 broken axles, (yes that many or maybe more if I'm not correct) he decided to pick up another car so he won't be stranded when he breaks another one.

Jaremy's E30 002

What a better chance then to jump into a car that he knows well. He plans on lowering it, vinyl wrapping the car, fixing the fender and hood and throwing on some ESM wheels.Hes already ordered control arms, end links, 02 sensors, brake sensors, antenna, ball joints, poly bushings, clutch slave cylinder, clutch master cylinder, driveshaft support bearing, and driveshaft coupler! Theres even talk of an engine swap. Seems like the E30 is due for a makeover. We can't wait to see how it turns out! Hopefully we won't have to push the car down the hill to start it for much longer!

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