Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Feature: Robert Torrez's Cool Cabriolet


The MK 1 Golf is the most popular car for Volkswagen enthusiasts. It's compact FWD platform became a huge success worldwide. It was replaced by the Mk2 in 1984, but the cabriolet version continued until 1993 (no mk2 cabriolet was made).


While the cabriolet seems to be a forgotten platform, Robert Torrez has been able to have fun with this daily driver. He picked up the 1992 Volkswagen Cabriolet at the end of October in 2011. He found it near his house and saw it's potential. The previous owner bought the car for his daughter, but she didn't want it.


He was driving a truck and was looking for something with better gas mileage. The mk1 caught his eye and has been saving money since then. He started going on the forums to get ideas and decided to lower his car. One thing led to another and he was able to purchase things off Craigslist and forums.


His future plans include picking up a set of BBS LMRs and coilovers but he doesn't mind rolling around on widened steelies for now. Robbie's favorite thing about his car is that its "old school and that you don't see it around."


His least favorite thing about the car is his "cut springs. Ride is sh$#." While he hasn't had the car for  much time to include a huge mod list, Robert has been able to turn a "little girl's car" into a cool daily driver with a bit of personality and fun.


MK1 006

IMG_2897 Photographs captured by Manuel Ayala, words written by Edgar Lamas

Custom Widened Steelies 15x8 0 offset 195/45/15
cut springs
Black German leather top
Wood grain steering wheel/quick release
Rusted Hood
Amber Fog light
Custom Exhaust Tips
Custom under dash graffiti artwork

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