Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So Fresh & So Clean: Evan's MX-5 Miata


This past week we got the pleasure to hang out with Evan Gilliss and his 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata. We first saw his car at a K1 Meet and fell in love with his fitment. Then after meeting Evan at a random car meet, we asked him if we could shoot his car.


He picked up the Miata in December 2011 off Craiglist. He used to be into Hondas but this Miata caught his eye. The hard top came with the car and that may have swayed him to buy it. He had an idea of what direction he wanted to go with his car: He wanted to stance it out.


His favorite part of the car is how low it. His least favorite part of the car is how low it is. It's a "Love/Hate relationship," he says. It makes sense since driving that low can be a pain in this daily driver. Evan also enjoys his interior and calls it a "gentleman's interior" with its black and beige combo.


If Evan could summarize his car in a phrase, he would say, "so fresh and so clean, the way it should be." We couldn't agree more with this statement. There's nothing screaming for attention in this car except for his ride height and the beautiful Work Equips. They measure 15x8.5 with a -3 offset in the front and 15x9 with a -6 offset in the rear. New wheels will make it on the car in September. If you want to know which wheels, then you will just have to wait til his Stanceworks feature.


You would expect lots of rubbing with a car this low, but he has driven his car at Adam's Track and up GMR (Glendora Mountain Road) without any rubbing issues. He must have some expensive set up or coilovers you may think. Nope. He has Raceland coilovers. He's currently seeking a sponsorship by Megan Racing for a better ride.


He plans on supercharging or turbocharging his car and also thought about some engine swaps. Whatever he does, he swears to keep it fresh and clean. Evan has created a smooth daily driver that he can have enough fun with. If you want to see his car in person, you can check him out at "The Infamous" August 11th or some other shows this summer.


He liked to give some shout outs to: "Steve and Joe at Project G; Jason and Arnold at Pann Auto; Kinod Crew; Low N Slow San Diego Crew; my va family; Travis Lippert; my daughter Kaitlyn Alyssa; and Bradley Hicks RIP Homie"

Oem Hardtop
Project G- G Wing
Hard Dog Roll Bar
Mazda Short Shift Kit
Personal 300mm Steering Wheel
NB2 Door Panels and Center Console
Recaro SPG
Rob Tow Hooks
Raceland Headers
Raceland Coilovers
ASC Speed Metal Custom Exhaust
Garage Star cooling plate
Racing Beat Sway Bar Kit Front/Rear

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