Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hare Low: Josh's MKVI GTI


We’re proud to introduce you to Josh Loving's 2010 Volkswagen GTI. Josh swooped up the GTI from the dealer brand new. He didn’t plan on modifying the car and told his family that he wouldn’t touch it. That wouldn’t last long. Two days later he purchased JOM coilovers.


Now after many mods and performance upgrades, he's sitting beautifully on a set of Modenas by Auto Strada thanks to air suspension. He admits the wheels are his favorite part of the car and it's hard to disagree. When we asked him what his least favorite part of his car was, he replied "Oil Pan!" It makes sense since he's gone through 2 oil pans already, showing that he rolls hard. There's even scrape marks on his front lip from all the damage!


If he could summarize his car, he would say, "Whatever I do with the car, it will be forever useless and a shout out to my girl Heather and the useless homies for the help and support :)" He plans on upgrading to Golf R seats, Euro headlights and other goodies in the future.(Current mod list at the end). On our way to the shoot he texted me that a few friends were tagging along for the fun.


We ended up meeting Mike and Frankie from the useless car crew and even decided to feature Franjo's clean MKV Rabbit. You will see his feature up shortly as well. If you haven't heard of the useless crew then you need to get out more often! Lets just say they have a few nice cars on air ride. We hope to shoot more of their cars and get a group shoot one day.


We had a good time hanging out and shooting at UC Irvine with Frankie, Josh and Mike. Shoots like this are the reason we do this and it's no secret that we're Sworn2Fun. While this may not be his first Volkswagen, Josh has created a clean, beautiful, neck breaking machine that he's able to drive around and have fun with. After all, we all work on our own projects for the joy they bring us.



IMG_1432 Photographs taken by Manny Ayala and words written by Edgar Lamas

APR stage 2 Tune
Neuspeed PFlo stage 1 intake paired up with the carbonio stage 2 intake
3 inch atp catless down pipe
3 inch stainless billyboat catback
Euro Golf R tails with fogs
Euro cup holder
Eurobheadlight Switch
Airlift xl fronts with airhouse 1 rears using dcups
brackets by dorbits designs
5 gallon skinny tank
Easy street auto pilot digital management
Rear wiper delete
Rear badge delete
Colored Matched side markers
Road Rally Sport front plate bracket
3 inch frame notch

Modenas by Auto Strada
Fronts 17x9.25 et 28
Rears 17x9.75 et 32
Falken 512 205/45 and 215/45