Thursday, April 5, 2012

Keeping it Simple: Nick's Passat Variant


What started off as his wife's car, ended up becoming Nick's prized possession. Nick originally got this car for his wife but decided the wagon had more in it then transporting groceries. When he started to mod it, he realized that there wasn't a lot available for the Passat, which led him to keep it simple and OEMPlus

A few modifications to the exterior such as a badge-less grill, black vinyl roof, new oem headlights, HID's, and clear corners gave the Passat a simple and elegant look.

No engine modifications have been made since it's his daily driver and since he claims "it's not a racecar." He's only had it for a year and I'm sure it wont stay that way. He did talk about doing a 2.7T swap into the Passat but we'll see about that.

His favorite thing about the car is the Accuair E-Level air ride, and I can see why. He can preset certain levels of ride height with a touch of a button. Additionally, the air system makes up for added weight so the car stays at the preset ride height.


We also dig the HRE wheels he's fitted under the Passat. The HRE P40 wheels measure 19x8.5 with 215 35 tires in the front and 19x10 with 235 35 tires in the back. We think it looks great especially after he airs out.


Nick's humble about his car saying "it's just a wagon," and sums up his car saying it's "sick and practical." Nick's Passat Variant shows that you don't need tons of mods to create a classy ride. He's still able to turn heads by keeping it simple.




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