Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sonic Sundays 2/19/12

TT and Tony's A3

So what do you do when Manny isn't around to take all the great snaps? You pick up your old Digital Camera and attempt to get some good shots! While these pics may not be good, it helps to get some coverage of the weekly meet the people of Simply Low host every Sunday at Sonic of Rancho Cucamunga, California. Meets are usually small but it's more of a hang out then a meet.

A3 & Protoge

Protoge One clean Protege!

Tarmacs Nice Mk4 R32 on Tarmacs. Thanks for coming out from so far and hanging out with us! Really cool people here

MK5 R32

Front Mount Air ride and a big Front mount on this slammed MK4


Fits A few fits made it out. Guillermo (blue fit) just got his exhaust and it sounds great! Coilovers are on their way soon!

Rack City

Rust! Rust is NOT a crime!

Michaels 300zx Michael's freshly painted 300zx. He's had this car for many years and we can't wait til he gets his new wheels and some low!

Janae & Aaron Janae's MKVI GTI and Aaron's W203 C320

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