Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Form & Function: Jaremy's Mini Cooper S


Introducing Jaremy's 2007 Mini Cooper S. He picked it u back in February of 2011 and has been working on it since day one. The reason he chose a Mini is that he wanted to bring out a car you don't see modded too much while staying with an European brand. In fact, he's been in the Euro game for a while. He's previously modded Euro cars such as a MkV and an E30.


The direction he wanted to go with the Mini was a mix of form and function. He loves the way slammed cars look but equally loves driving his car hard. Being one of the first Minis with a K04 hybrid and many other performance mods gives him 300 whp to play around with. He's also tracked the Mini many times and claims it's a blast to drive. In fact he calls it a "street legal go cart." So far his favorite thing about the car is the coilovers and the tune and he wants to extract more horsepower out of the engine.


The feedback he gets from the Mini community is either love or hate. I doesn't bug him though and we definitely love the way it is. Besides tearing up the streets of Socal, you can see Jaremy at various meets and shows and hanging with the rest of the folks in Simply Low.

He's also a great griller and comes in handy when you need a helping hand during a BBQ. We didn't get to shoot some rolling shots but there is no doubt we will shoot the car again and get some rolling shots. Most people underestimate the Mini, but it's a humble, fun and different car that Jaremy enjoys.

Alta stubby antenna                                  
blacked out headlight/tailight rings                                                
Blacked out belt line
Jcw front grill
Areo side scuttles 

Alta Cold Air Intake                               
Alta intake pipe                                     
nm engineering thottle pipe                     
riss racing catless downpipe                   
Alta Frount Mount Intercooler
Alta hot side boost tube
Wmw diverter valve
Rmw dyno tune 

KW V1 coilovers                                
Alta front/rear adjustable end links

Stoptech d/s rotor                               
Stoptech street pads

Esm-001 17x8 +35mm
5mm spacer rear


  1. Love this build! Might have to buy a set of those wheels for my MINI. They look like updated Ronal Turbos.

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