Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coverage: WFC Santa Monica Meet 2/25/12


This past Saturday was the much anticipated Wrong Fitment Crew End of the Trail meet at Santa Monica beach. As a stance meet, lowered cars from different makes and models show up and people as far as Arizona, Nevada and Nor Cal attended. People arrived as early as 6am and stayed til pretty late in the day. The quality of cars was astonishing and the number of immaculate cars was also surprising.


We woke up at 6am to leave with a small caravan at 6:45am from Riverside and decided to meet with some fellow Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts at Tommy's Burgers in Santa Monica.We made it to the lot at around 845am and there was still a lot of parking. Sadly we got split up from our small caravan and parked in different locations.

Huge flows of slammed cars began entering the lot and by 10:05 AM the lot filled up and closed, literally 5 minutes after the supposed start time of 10am. The street near the lot started to become congested and full, creating traffic and no way for regular traffic to get by. Cops surely wouldn't be too far away....Cops arrived at the premises directing traffic and walking towards the meet. They began telling people to take down their EZ ups and shut down the meet due to a  large amount of people in the lot. We barely got the grill going when the cop said we had to take everything down!


Fortunately no tickets were given but a majority of people left the meet, after they paid the 8 dollars for all day parking. Sadly, I didn't get to do one lap around to see all the cars but Manny was able to take a few snaps before everyone rolled out. Instead of leaving, the Simply Low crew and I decided to move the EZ ups and grilling to a park literally across the street. We spent the day hanging, , grilling and drinking a few beers.A small fraction of the meet actually stayed in Santa Monica where the weather was nice.


While the meet was awesome and fun, there was a few issues that will hopefully make the next meet better. Other than that, thanks WFC for putting this meet on. We look forward to the next one.

 Jason's MKIV Golf and Mikey's A3 TDI feature hopefully soon!


Ryan's Bagged B7 A4, feature soon. We met up with him and a few others at Tommy's but sadly got split up on the way there.




E36 Beautiful E36

Bernie Bernie and his MKVI TDI on fifteen52 tarmacs. Having a little fun with his air ride!

Audi Seriously amazing!





Passat Nick's Beautiful Passat Wagon on HRE wheels. We didn't get the chance to meet him but we are in contact to get a feature soon!

Ryan's A4 Ryan as he leaves the premises

A3 Some rolling shots on the way to Santa Monica. This is Tony's bagged A3

Mk6 Kyle's MKVI Golf

A4 Met up with this B6 A4 in Ontario on the way there. Front Mount means business!

A3 Photos by Manuel Ayala and words by Edgar Lamas

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