Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rico's Suave Celica


So after a long night installing headers to Manny's Mazda B2000, we decided to go ahead and install a new exhaust system. It wasn't by choice. The B2000 was running with only headers on and was WAY too loud. We feared a ticket was inevitable. The following morning we went to Rico's Muffler and Exhaust shop down in Rubidoux, California and while we were there, we saw a immaculate Toyota Celica with an amazing Boso-inspired exhaust. We had to get a quick feature in!


Ricardo, the owner of Rico's Muffler and Exhuast, picked up this beauty for $400 about a year ago from the previous owner who thought it needed a new head gasket. It turns out that it only needed a few new parts and an oil change and it was good! What a lucky find! The paint on the car is original and Rico said it took him half a day to polish it. He's added roof racks and lowered the car. The current suspension setup wont let him lower it more, but he wants to try swapping out the suspension from another car to make it lower.


The wheels he's rockin are XXR 513s, which look great on the coupe. He doesn't need fancy wheels to make his Celica look great and shows you that you don't need expensive wheels like BBS or DPE. The engine is stock for now and claims a better upholstery is on its way.


Now on to the best part of the car: the Boso-inspired exhaust! Since he owns an exhaust shop, he definitely knows how to create a great looking exhaust system. The dual chrome pipe tips that reach the top of the trunk is a great touch to the car that you don't see everyday. Rico has future plans for the Celica but has created a Suave daily driver with a great stance!


A pic of the B2000 and its new header-on exhaust system made by Rico himself. Manny also digs the Boso style and drew inspiration from it.

Picture by Manuel Ayala and Words by Edgar Lamas

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