Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Turbo Tiger!

Introducing Eddie's 2000 Audi TT. Its got an 1.8T under the hood chipped with an APR full program. It has Audi's famous Haldex all wheel drive system that can handle turns like a beauty! Eddie has owned the German machine for a couple years now and has tons of things left to do. As of now, he is sitting on some 19x8.5 and 19x9.5 flat black Raderworks wheels.

Turbo Tiger

RSD coilovers handles the suspension with a custom spring in the rear. He is still looking to get spacers to make the wheels fit better, yet money is the biggest obstacle from getting the parts he wants. Luck also isn't in his favor since his car has been keyed and windshield chipped on a way to a show. He also got rear ended which has left a crack in his bumper. Hopefully his luck changes and things go his way.


On the bright side, Eddie has a body kit in his backyard storage ready to be painted and fitted, but again money is an issue. He is also thinking of some new wheels with polished lips and gold centers. I cant wait to see his car when the kit and stance is dialed in. For the time being, enjoy these pictures taken by Manny Ayala.




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