Monday, August 15, 2011

Sonic Sundays 8/14/11

The meet we started up three weeks ago is running fine, not a ton of cars attend but its fun spending time with friends and family! Thanks to all who attend! We will probably not be here this coming Sunday due to a show Sunday nite in Riverside Volkswagen so expect Sworn2Fun to cover that event! Be sure to click the Read More link near the end of the blog for more pics!

VW classic



Sonic Sundays 1

Sonic Sundays fox

Sonic Sundays Tyler's Gas Cap

Janaes GTI headlights

Sonic Sundays Manny's E36

Manny's E36 DO WORK

Manny's E36

C30 & TT

Brice's MKIV

Old Skool!

Gaston's VR6


Sonic Sundays Miguels MKVI


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